Construction Billing Coordinator

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Construction Billing Coordinator

Come join our team! Ltd is a growing glass and aluminium service and contracting company. We install everything from door sweeps to some of the biggest pieces of glass in the world.

We currently have an opportunity for the position of Construction Billing Coordinator.

The primary duties of the Construction Billing Coordinator revolve around supporting the project managers and coordinators in the administrative and accounting aspects of the projects we are undertaking. Aaccounting experience in a construction environment would be an asset. Experience working with client side protocols like Textura,Procore would also be an asset.

Specific Service Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Prepare accurate and timely billing invoices based on contract terms, project progress, and the SOV. This involves reviewing contracts, change orders, and other project documentation to ensure billing accuracy.Also prepare T&M Job billings as per the quote/PO.
  • Set up projects in our ERP System
  • Set up and maintain both the paper (a binder) and electronic filing systems (folders on our server) for new projects
  • Maintain client and project contact information in our ERP system
  • Maintain and update the Schedule of Values, which outlines the breakdown of the total contract amount into various components or phases of work. Ensure that billing aligns with the SOV to accurately reflect project progress.
  • Manage the process of the 10% holdback in accordance with Ontario’s Construction Act or other relevant regulations. This involves understanding the legal requirements for holdback, tracking holdback amounts, and ensuring compliance with release procedures.
  • Maintain detailed records of billing activities, including invoices, payments, change orders, and correspondence related to billing disputes or adjustments. Ensure all documentation is organized and easily accessible for audits or project reviews.
  • Liaise with project managers, subcontractors, suppliers, and clients to coordinate billing activities effectively. Address any billing inquiries or discrepancies promptly and professionally.
  • Assist in preparing financial reports related to project billing, including revenue recognition, cash flow analysis, and project profitability tracking. Provide accurate and timely financial information to support decision-making processes.
  • Identify and resolve billing issues, discrepancies, or disputes in a timely manner. Work collaboratively with internal and external stakeholders to find mutually satisfactory solutions.
  • Assist in the development of project budgets and forecasts, working closely with project managers and accounting teams to ensure accuracy and alignment with project objectives. Monitor actual performance against budgeted targets and identify variances for corrective action.
  • Assist in the administration of construction contracts, including reviewing contract terms, monitoring compliance with contractual obligations, and facilitating the resolution of contract-related issues or disputes.
  • Ensure compliance with tax laws, accounting principles, and industry regulations governing construction projects. Prepare WSIB clearances, insurance, bonding, health and safety documents etc.)

Computer skills are essential to this position. Ability to navigate, create and save files with various applications an MS Windows operating environment.

  • Ability to use MS Word and MS Excel to create reports and spreadsheets.
  • The ability to learn new computer skills and master relevant task in an ERP system (SAM-PRO).
  • Ability to enter data and maintain records in a windows driven database environment.
  • Ability to send and receive email with attachments.

The project coordination department relies heavily on this position therefore consistent attendance is an essential element of successfully fulfilling the requirements of this position.

If you are seriously interested in this position and joining our growing team please forward your resume to

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Job Type: Full-time


Work Location: In person from our plant located in Etobicoke, Ontario