Jumbo Glass Replacement Programs

Call our Main Office 24 Hours A Day at 905-669-9911 (Press “7” after-hours emergency service) or our general email at service@e-one.ca for non-emergency service or quote requests

We are a world leader in the installation and replacement of Big, Oversized and Jumbo Glass.

Explore1.ca Ltd has installed more IG Units over 2500 lbs that any other glass company in North America. We are equipped to handle glass sizes up to 10′ X 50′ and weighing up to 10000 lbs. We will handle all aspects of the management and coordination of Jumbo Glass Installations anywhere in the world.

Since 1999 E1 has been designing heavy glass and curtain wall panel lifting equipment to meet the growing demand by Architects and building owners for Jumbo, Oversize and Big Glass and IG Unit installations.

E1 had no choice but to take on the challenge of designing the equipment because at the time there was nothing commercially available that could lift glass in excess of 2800lbs and nothing that would allow the easy manipulation of glass or curtain wall panels when there was an overhead obstruction like and overhang or power lines prevent the use of a crane.

Since that time E1 has installed big, oversized and jumbo glass and IG Units in just about every situation imaginable. From the beginning E1 has understood that the only thing that matters when installing a 4200 lbs IG Unit worth over 25K is safety. If our crew is safe the glass is safe. This is why explore1 plans installations in a detail oriented manner. Having the right equipment is paramount; if we don’t have a suitable piece of equipment we design, engineer and built it to meet the specific structural demands of the job. We don’t take and chances with the safety of our people or the glass we are lifting.

Experience is everything when it come to Jumbo Glass. You need to know where the safety and value lines intersect and be on that mark every time.

Members of our E1 team are available for free consultation on the feasibility of an installation or to provide complete quotations on any of your up coming projects that may include Jumbo/Oversized Glass or IG Units


Call our Main Office 24 Hours A Day at 905-669-9911 ( Press “7” after-hours to connect live for emergency service)
Use our general email at service@e-one.ca for nonemergency service or quote requests

To talk to a Project Manager about any Jumbo Glass Installations or to set up a site visit/ consultation contact:

Cord Puder: Cell: 416-697-0993, Email: cpuder@e-one.ca

Michael Byrne: Cell: 416-697-0458 Email: mbyrne@e-one.ca

Ciaran Lazenby: Cell: 416-697-1323 Email: clanzenby@e-one.ca 

To connect with our Sales Team for quotes or for information about high-rise IG unit replacement programs or any of your other door or glass service needs contact:

Brent Hotham: Cell: 416-697-0458 Email: bhotham@e-one.ca

Rob Phillips: Cell: 416-697-0278, Email: rphillips@e-one.ca

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