Luxury Entrances

  • Royal York swing and revolving Door Bank to Lobby Maintained by Explore1
  • Tight Shot of Door Hardware on the Royal York Hotel in Toronto Maintained by
  • Doorman outside the Royal York Hotel in Toronto in front of doors maintained by
  • Toronto Royal York Main Entrance Doors maintained by
  • Close view of Royal York Revolving and Swing Lobby Doors Maintained by
  • Royal York Hotel Lobby Door Maintenance by
  • Specialty Hotel Door Hardware maintained by

Ensuring that your door operation matches the high-standards that your company holds is important. It’s often the first interaction that a customer or guest has, and should be seamless and welcoming.

Here are a few selected photos featuring one of our clients, a five-star hotel in downtown Toronto. Clicking a photo will bring you through to a case study about our Planned Maintenance programs that we offer. Something we suggest to make sure that your building is kept operating at it’s best.