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Your door is often the first physical interaction that your customers, clients and guests have as they visit your building. E1’s years of customer experience have taught us: if there is one area where service matters most, it is doors and you want to make a good impression. Your doors need to work, plain and simple. They need to swing, slide or revolve freely. They need to unlock and open in the morning and close and lock at night.  Some doors get thousands of cycles a day and some hardly get used at all. Regardless of style and use, they need to operate and function correctly.

E1 has 24-hours service available to make sure that our customers are open for business early in the morning, or locked tight late at night. We understand the importance of being able to start work, and how fatigued staff might be while trying to close after a long day. Our door service is designed to be there when you need us most.

E1 has years of door service, new door construction and door restoration experience. Regardless of the manufacturer and age, we have the abilities to meet your needs. As an example we restored a 1930’s era revolving door with state of the art automatic controls. It is this experience that brings us across the GTA installing, servicing and retrofitting swing, powered sliding doors, revolving doors, grill and hollow metal doors.

We carry more parts for more doors on our trucks than any other door service company. E1 stocks parts for Kawneer, Commdoor, Alumicor, U.S. Aluminum, and Zimcor doors. We carry control boards for most Besam, Horton, Hunter, Gyro-Tech, Stanley and Tormax automatic doors. Any parts we don’t have we can usually get the parts next-day or better.

Contact us to find a solution to your door needs. If you would like some more examples of our work, take a look at some of our case studies.

Tormax Automatic Doors

E1 is a proud supplier

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